Many have wished the summer away and now they are rewarded as the 2015/16 cyclo-cross season is upon us. So do enjoy it!

I am in cyclo-cross mode! But come to think of it I have been that since the end of the 2014/15 season as there is just so much to do to get a cross league going and if you don’t start early it kind of mugs you come September!..

Putting together a cross league must be similar to the notion of serving tea to an octopus – there are lots of cups that need to be filled. The amount of loose ends etc. seems endless and as volunteers I and others can be chaotic at times. Thankfully all comes together just in time to race.

At this time the site contains the following cross related stuff: I include race results and video links to 2015/16 International races and there is an item on Belgian cross plus a look back over the 2014/15 International season.

Belgian Cyclo-cross Experience.
Cyclo-Cross International Calendar
Cyclo Cross Race Links 2015/16
Cyclo Cross Race Links 2014/15
Picture LInks

Not cross but still a little perturbed are features on Paris Roubaix (2010 and 2012), the Kemmelberg and Beastway MTB.