Sylvain Garde and George Brent 2008

Once a race promoted by East Grinstead CC’s Andy Seltzer. Deers Leap is a course we have not used for a few years. This day it was very wet but I can remember very hot weather for some races.

The course was a mix of farm tracks, wooded areas and country park grassland which crossed a rather deep and wide’ish gully, which filled with water when wet.

Konrad Manning: “Good course – sorry to hear it’s joined the list of lost.”

Sylvain Garde: “There was a cool little shop with a few bike parts there. That was à tricky course when muddy”.

Oskar Scarsbrook: “I was more interested in the plethora of large sticks the forest provided.”

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League champion Chris Andsell won the race, 2008


Sylvain Garde in the gully 2008