‘Cooperman’ leads out the field in December 2008 and there is a pretty good field of riders behind him.

We raced at the ‘Top Gear’ track for a few seasons and the event was promoted by Evans Cycles.

The course was a mix of grassland, airport runway tarmac and some woodland.

Ben Spurrier: “Had to knock that venue on the head after Stuart McGhee and I had to try and scrub the mud from the runway after the race…that was a long evening!”

Andy Bristow: “We (Velo Baggareur) approached them last year, with a view to using the site. They didn’t want to know!”

Stuart McGhee: “Too much mud on road unfortunately. Remember they asked for 1000 pounds to clean it up. We had to settle on £500 but knew our time was up.”

Andy Bristow: “It’s all academic now; it’ll soon sadly be another bloody great housing estate!”

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Jody Crawforth leads the field in February 2008 with a Jumbo jet behind.